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Dimensions 1.3

|28-07-2011, 01:42| Просмотров: 1209




Dimensions 1.3

FANTASTIC ! Measure anything with your Pocket PC. From very small objects to hundreds of yards distances. It's MAGIC ! Includes a dimensionunit converter
7 tools worth more than a hundred dollards and requiring a tool box to carry fitting ono your Pocket PC.

Tape Ruler - It's unic and VERY intuitive interface uses mathematical formulas to measure great distances (in yards) only with the screen of your device. Using sizes you already know such as your foot size or the length of your PDA, you can measure medium distances (like walls in a house, or table sizes) with the precision of an inch using our VERY inovative TAPE RULER.
Caliper - Use the precision of your device's pixels. Use the pixels of your machine as a unit to measure very accurately and on the go small objects with a real CALIPER.
Ruler - You want to measure in less than 3 seconds a small object ? Use Dimension's RULER in inches or centimeters that shows up on your screen.
Dimensions unit converter - Lost with this metric ystem abroad ? Use Dimension's UNIT CONVERTER and you'll feel home again.
International converter for clothes and shoes sizes - Lost with international sizes in a cloth shop ? Use Dimension's unic and very easy to use SIZES CONVERTER.
Protractor - But that's not it. Dimensions let's you also use a real PROTRACTOR to measure any angles, and even a MAGIC tool that will let you measure very easily the radius of any circle.
All you'll hear around you when using Dimensions is "Wow !!! Wow !!" and may one or two 'Cool !" as well. And you can chose to use it with British or metric systems.

Совместимость: All Pocket PC and Windows Mobile Pocket PC Phones


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